Syma X8C is the best drone under $100

The best drone is not best drone you can find under $100 but this article is made by my personal thinking.


For me, SYMA X8C is best drone under $100.I am proud owner of one and I can only say best thing for it.Syma is famous drone brand and they manufactured many good drones.This is one of their most produced models and we will agree that its design is similar to DJI phanthom.X8C is large and heavy quadcopter with weight of 600 g and size 50 x 50 x 19 cm.

Camera and battery are installed in.Big propellers and large 2S 2000mAh battery are necessary to put this quadcopter in air.All this power means that it can fly up to 12 minutes with control range of 200 meters.This drone is wind resistant and packed with 2 MP camera.

It has a Headless mode feauture and it looks really cool by night because its has LED lights.

All in all, drone that conquered my hart with its power and performances.