DJI Mavic is drone that can follow you automatically!

If you did not know by now, DJI has just recently announced a brand-new model of drone that can follow you. I am, of course, talking about the newest beast coming straight from their labs. It has an interesting name – DJI MAVIC and a whole heap of amazing features that justify its price range across all segments. Keep in mind that this drone has not yet been released. Despite this, you can pre-order it via Amazon. For $999 you will get the brand new DJI Mavic drone. If you want to opt for their so-called “Starter Bundle” you will have to splash out a couple more bucks because it is currently priced at $1,079. The Starter Bundle includes a DJI Smart Battery with built in sensors and bright LED battery status indicators. In my honest opinion, the battery is totally worth the extra price and I warmly recommend it to you. You might wonder why is this drone better than DJI’s flagship models such as the Phantom series… Well, this bad boy is packed with more sensors and has the ability to fold (more on that later on), but most importantly, its maximum range and flight times are far more superior than those of Phantom drones. With its maximum flight duration of up to 27 minutes and maximum lag-free control range of up to 7 kilometers (nope, that’s not a typo), I’m sure you begin to understand why this could be the next best drones for adults.

DJI Mavic features

For a drone that costs a proper fortune, people tend to expect a lot of useful features. Luckily, DJI Mavic doesn’t fail to deliver as it is packed with awesome functions and great specifications that will surely become new standards for premium drones. The first thing that you will most likely notice when you start doing your research on DJI Mavic is the fact that it is a foldable drone. This means that you are able to fold it in a certain way which allows for care-free transportation inside of small spaces. It’s becomes an incredibly compact device once folded and you can take it anywhere you want with you by placing it into your purse, backpack or something similar.

Among all of its sensors and extra features, it is very important to mention that this little guy has the famous altitude hold drone feature, which means Mavic is one of the newest drones that can follow you. Nowadays, it is by far the most desired feature across all drones which is not surprising considering it’s extremely simple but provides great usage scenarios. In addition to the follow me function, DJI Mavic has smart systems along with GPS/GLONASS navigation which makes both flying and video recording a greatly enjoyable experience. With its crisp clear 4K camera and excellent stabilization systems, this little drone is able to provide you with exceptionally smooth images and videos time in and time out. All in all, if you are looking for a brand-new drone that is easy to carry, easy to fly and above all – extremely fun to play with, then you cannot go wrong with DJI Mavic.